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Boomarang - Robertson Quay

Boomarang - Robertson Quay
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Address: 60 Robertson Quay, #01-15 Singapore 238252
Price Range: S$9.00 to S$45.00
Have you ever? Ever felt like this? We don’t think we’ve ever been as round the twist about any Australian restaurant. Boomarang in River Valley is an Aussie eatery that is the Queen of the Desert and the King of the Animal Kingdom: no Picnic at Hanging Rock – more of a restaurant in Singapore – they offer a proposition not to be missed if you’re in Robertson Quay. Whether you prefer to eat at home, or away in a restaurant, you should get together all your neighbours and go mad, max out your credit card and make the most of a trip to Boomarang for an Aussie feed to remember.
Of course, when faced with a restaurant called Boomarang, the mind turns to the many ways that you’ll want to come back time and again. They’re an Australian restaurant on Robertson Quay in River Valley in Singapore – reached by Clarke Quay MRT, rather than the Flying Doctor – and suffice to say, they’re a great place to spend a few of your hard-earned dollaridoos. When you arrive, you’ll go straight for the drinks (Beer? Coffee? Be-er?) and then the food, which features more Aussie favourites than you can swing a boot at. Gather everyone from your Da to your member of parliament and the Prime Minister, jump in a kangaroo pouch and hop on down to Boomarang.

The menu then, and it’s filled with some proper Aussie rippers. Fish and chips, bacon and egg sangers, chicken parmas: more Australian favourites than you can get your knife into – Call that a knife? This is a knife! – and a few international dishes that can keep the whole family happy. If you’re experienced – I see you’ve played knifey-spoony before – you’ll be looking to get the more traditional dish of kangaroo, lesser spotted in Singapore. Book ahead – don’t ring collect call from the States, book online with Quandoo – and get as many mates as possible to waltz their Matildas down to Robertson Quay in River Valley for an Australian feed to remember.
Opening Hours:
Monday 07:00 - 03:00
Tuesday 07:00 - 03:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 03:00
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